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More reservations or orders for your restaurant or hotel. What hospitality entrepreneur wouldn't want that? With Instagram's action buttons, you now convert your followers to guests even faster. Simply add the button to your Instagram profile and stories. With the click of a button, the order or reservation arrives! How to turn loyal followers into real guests with action buttons, we are happy to tell you.

action buttons from followers to guests

What are action buttons?

An action button is a button you use to urge your followers to do an action. Previously, it was only possible to add a call to action if you had more than 10,000 followers or if you posted an ad. But now, all Instagram Business profiles have the option to add a button to your Instagram profile and stories. Read on quickly to find out what you can do with this and how to add the button.  

What can you do with action buttons on Instagram?

As a hospitality entrepreneur, you can add 'Order food', 'Book now' and 'Reserve' buttons to your bio and stories. If you use action buttons, you increase your chances of getting more orders or reservations. According to formitable 10% turns your followers into reservations. It is now even easier for these followers to make a reservation or order. But how exactly does that work?

action buttons the action buttons

How do you get followers to order or reserve faster?

Your loyal fans on Instagram want nothing more than to place an order. But preferably as soon as possible. After you seduce your followers with delicious dishes, they place an order directly via an action button. Clicking through to your website is no longer necessary with Instagram's action buttons. Besides the option to contact you directly, there will now also be a 'reserve button' under your bio. To use action buttons on Instagram, you do need a business profile.

How to create an Instagram Business profile?

You can easily convert your personal account to a Business account. Go to 'Settings' on your Instagram profile. Then click on 'Account' and choose switch to professional account at the bottom. Then add your contact details. These are not the action buttons yet, you will add them later. Once your business account is created, you will have access to statistics on interaction with your followers, among other things. And so now you can add action buttons to increase interaction and even reservations from your followers!

action buttons instagram business profile creation

How to add an action button to your profile?

Go to your Instagram profile to add an action button. Via 'Edit profile', you can easily add the button via 'action buttons'. Earlier, you could add action buttons via 'Contact options', but so this is another option. 

Choose one of the action buttons that applies to your business. You can only add one action button at a time, so think carefully about which one will benefit you the most. Then select a partner, such as for ordering food. Make sure you add a need existing account with a partner to select it. Now the button will appear under your bio. Let the reservations flow in!

How do you use action buttons successfully in your stories?

Your followers probably don't view your Instagram profile every day. That is why it is smart to use action buttons in your stories as well. After all, these do come up every day. If you make stories every day, that is. 😉 

As soon as you create a story about today's menu, for example, place the action button very simply via stickers over your story. Again, choose the right partner. Placing an order has never been so easy for your followers!

action button story

Turn your loyal followers into real guests!

Make it even easier for your followers to book, reserve or order food. Place an action button on your Instagram profile and in your stories right now. Want to know how to get even more out of Instagram and turn your followers into real loyal fans? Then read our blog on the Instagram opportunities specifically for the hospitality industry. Find out how to create the best posts, stories and reels to entice your guests. If Instagram is still a big secret for you, we'd love to help you get started!





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