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Since the corona pandemic, tourists are even more aware and critical of their travel and hotel stays. Whereas before it was quite normal to fly across the world, now people think three times about booking air travel. Hotels are already responding nicely to this. For instance, they offer staycations and workations. In addition, technology is developing more and more within the hotel industry. With the use of data, the deployment of Artificial Intelligence and smart rooms, you can make a visit even more personal. Resulting in more direct bookings! We would like to take you through the most important hotel trends of 2022. So that you too offer your guests an unforgettable stay.

hotel trends 2022

Sustainable travel through climate change

Climate change, we can no longer ignore it. Global CO2 emissions have increased by 50% since 1990. And this realisation is increasingly permeating tourists. For instance, they are choosing not to go to certain areas anymore. The hotel industry is responsible for 1% of global emissions. Therefore, hotels are looking for alternatives such as solar panels and green facades, eco-friendly meetings and cooking with local products

Solar panels and green facades

You see it more and more: solar panels on roofs. A smart way to make your hotel more sustainable. With solar panels, you save on energy costs. No more worrying about all those showers for your guests. And how about a green facade? It prevents heating, captures particulates and gives a fresh look!

Eco-friendly meetings

Many hotels are already paying attention to the environment. For instance, some hotels offer eco-friendly meetings. Here, CO2 emissions are compensated through sustainable projects. Without costing the guests any extra money. But also consider eco-friendly paper and other office supplies, energy-efficient lighting and sustainable dishes on the menu.

Local food

Your guests often enjoy eating local or neighbourhood produce. And Cooking with local produce is also good for the environment. Vegetables don't have to fly around the world unnecessarily. It is sustainable, tastier and also healthier. 

Hotel trends workations and staycations

Workations and staycations remain popular

The corona pandemic raised environmental awareness. But it unleashed even more. Many people rediscovered a love for their own country. Support for the local hospitality industry also grew tremendously. In addition, flexible working was discovered. Many people still work from home. Still, there is a need to get out of the home for a while. As a result, workations are popular, a perfect mix of work and relaxation.

Unforgettable holidays in your own country

The travel industry is slow to take off. Yet staycations remain in demand. Getting away with family and friends in your own country is easier than taking a faraway trip. It is therefore important to also give tourists an unforgettable stay in their own country. Offer your guests a unique experience by collaborating with local companies. For example, think about kayaking, a wine tasting or a yoga course. This will give your guests the ultimate holiday feeling!

A hotel is the ideal workplace

Working from home has increased the need for a different environment. You don't need to work from home if you can also work outside. A hotel is the ideal place to work. It is often quiet and you have all the amenities such as wifi and good coffee. Also consider a special lunch deal for these hard workers or a nice treatment to relax.

hotel trends guest expectations

Higher expectations from guests

Now that it is possible to travel again, bookings are rising again. Because people have long dreamed of their trip, their expectations have risen. It's up to you to live up to these expectations. The best way to do that is with personalisation.

Offer your guests a personalised experience

Your guests value personal contact. They want to feel that they are special. So make sure your guests feel welcome even before they make a booking. 

Tailor-made stays

Give them the opportunity to book a tailor-made stay. Once guests place a booking, you can ask them what their preferences are. For example, if a guest indicates what their favourite wine is, put a delicious bottle cold in the minibar. This kind of personalised attention creates positive memories.

Collecting data

To properly deploy personalisation, you can't do without technology. To start with, you need a CRM system linked to your booking system. This is where you can collect all your guests' data. The more data you have, the better you can respond to your guests' needs.

hotel trends vr hotel rooms

Smart rooms and Artificial Intelligence

Digitalisation is having an increasing impact on the hotel industry. With personalisation, we already saw that you are more responsive to your guests' needs. Especially with the chronic staff shortage, it is important to use technology. It is efficient and you offer guests a better experience. Think for instance of Virtual Reality tours through your hotel, Artificial Intelligence for better customer service and a warm welcome with smart rooms. 

A peek inside the hotel with VR

Want to let your guests experience what it's like to stay at your hotel in advance? Then try a Virtual Reality Tour. With this tour, your guests virtually walk through the hotel and can even take a look inside their room. It is as if they are already there. Then the step to book is easy!

Better customer service with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not new, but not often deployed within hotels yet. However, we expect it to increase. Especially in the field of customer service, AI relieves you enormously. Think of a chatbot answering guests' questions 24 hours a day. AI also makes it possible to analyse behaviour and thus optimise your customer service. 

A warm welcome with smart rooms

Want to make your guests really feel at home in their room? Then make sure your guests are in control. Let them control appliances themselves with an app or voice control. Like setting the temperature or playing their favourite music through the speakers. With a smart room, you also save on energy. Because you only use appliances when they are needed. Like the lights coming on when guests enter. And the heating that turns off automatically when the room is at the right temperature. So you save money too!

hotel trends smart room

Direct bookings rise

With personalisation and digitalisation, we are seeing an increase in direct bookings. By 2022, it is predicted that 50% of bookings will be made through one's own website. People used to prefer booking through a booking platform. But with hotels' good offers through their own website, direct booking is more attractive. Because guests come to your website, you have direct contact with them. You know exactly what your guests are looking for. That makes it easier to meet high expectations.

Are you ready to surprise your guests in 2022?

Do you already see opportunities to give your guests the best experience in 2022? With eco-friendly meetings, a customised work station and smart rooms for the real home feeling? With these hotel trends In 2022, you will ensure an unforgettable stay. 

Or would you rather spar with us about the possibilities for your hotel?






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