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You see it regularly. In high season, the team runs the legs out of their bodies while occupancy rates plummet in low season. And you actually want it to be nice and busy in low season too. Recognisable? Don't panic. Well, now is the time to take action. With the correct use of the online marketing strategies and tools below, you can boost your occupancy rate again. Even in the off-season.

Measure your occupancy rate

If you are not already doing this, the first smart thing to do is to keep track of your occupancy rate. This is the number of rooms booked in relation to the total number of rooms in your hotel. If you keep track of this monthly, weekly or even daily, you will get a good view of the periods with the highest peaks and the deepest troughs. You can capitalise on this with your marketing activities. Read on quickly to find out how.

higher guest check-in occupancy rate

Higher occupancy rates for your hotel? Then don't discount!

This may seem like strange advice. Surely by offering a hefty discount, you will fill up those rooms faster? This is undoubtedly true. But most guests who book using a discount were already planning to book a hotel. And maybe even your hotel. Now they've managed to get it nice and cheap. And you have a lower profit.

What is? Give your hotel guests something extra

Instead, it is smarter to create a new demand. Use the budget you wanted to give as a discount for something extra for your guests. A nice package deal that immediately makes guests want to go away for a midweek or weekend. Even if you weren't actually planning to. Think of a free sauna visit plus massage and lunch when you book for at least three days.

Back-to-work arrangement

Do you mainly target the business segment? There are plenty of options here too. How about a back-to-work package where guests get an invigorating office massage at the start of the day, plus a packed lunch? Or offer a comprehensive meeting package. 

Collaboration with local hospitality industry

Also clever: organise a fun autumn deal in collaboration with local catering establishments. Such as an autumn mug tasting with hotel stay. Or a city walk with a snack and drink at various catering establishments, ending with an overnight stay in your hotel. Give your potential guests ideas they can't resist!

higher occupancy rate guests gift

Organise something at or near your hotel

In the same vein as above: you can also organise something fun in your hotel that attracts guests. Does your hotel sit by the sea and normally rely on beach visitors? Organise a beach party in winter, but with a campfire, warm blankets and marshmallows. Of course, you can warm up in your hotel room after the party.

Family hotel: celebrating anniversaries

Is your hotel a real family hotel that is mostly fully booked during holidays? The rest of the year you can focus on families who have something to celebrate. Like a wedding anniversary or 50th birthday. For many families, it is customary to go all out then. You already have the facilities for this, so invite them!

What needs does your target audience have?

All in all, the above strategies boil down to the following: research what the needs of your hotel's target audience are. Then see how you can fulfil those needs in a different way than they are already used to from you. 

higher occupancy rate guests' needs

Online marketing resources

Then, of course, it is a matter of making your irresistible deals known to the right audience. To do this, you can use the online marketing tools below. By the way, it is wise to use these tools all year round!

Email marketing

You probably have a wealth of valuable information on your hands, in the form of guests' e-mail addresses. (Potential) guests who have subscribed to your newsletter or have already stayed overnight at your place. In both cases: they already know you and are open to your message. This makes e-mail marketing one of the most converting online marketing tools!

Divide your e-mail addresses into segments and then send them as personalised e-mails as possible with relevant information and deals. Including one of the above package deals or events.

Advertising on social media

Of course, social media also plays an important role in increasing your hotel's occupancy rate. Keep communicating with your followers throughout the year. Post content that is relevant to your followers. For example, tips for visiting your hotel's location, a look behind the scenes and the occasional interesting deal. 

higher occupancy rate guests right target group

Getting your deal to the right audience

To reach more people, you can also sponsor posts. In other words, advertise via Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. The beauty of this is that you can target your audience. This is then also very suitable for highlighting your package deal or event. So you target the office massage to business people and the winter beach party to couples or young people. The more relevant, the better.

Social remarketing: the power of repetition

What you should also not forget here: social remarketing. This means that potential guests who have already visited your website will see your social ads. They are chased by them online, so to speak. This is where the power of repetition comes into play. Think of it as dating. You go on a few dates first, before entering into a relationship. The same is true with potential guests before they book with you.

Of great importance: a well-functioning website

Before you get started with your marketing efforts, one thing needs to be in perfect order: your website. Even if your hotel is listed on booking platforms. Guests still often look up your hotel's website. This will give them a better idea of your hotel. It is also much more favourable for you if guests book a room via your website. That saves you a substantial commission. So make sure your website looks good, contains complete information and is findable!

Landing pages for deals and events

When it comes to great deals or events, create a separate landing page for these that you refer to in your emails or ads. By doing so, you make it as easy as possible for potential guests to find relevant information and then book.  

higher occupancy rate guests SEO SEA GOOGLE HOTEL ADS

Increasing your hotel's occupancy rate? Don't forget the low-hanging fruit

After these various strategies, you would almost forget that there are also people who are just looking for a hotel. These are the easiest guests to bring in. They already have a booking intention. They just need to find your hotel when they are searching in Google. So continuously work on your visibility!


You influence the findability of your website with search engine marketing: SEO and SEA. Where SEO concerns the organic (unpaid) search results and SEA the paid ones. Make sure you are well found on the location of your hotel + 'hotel' or 'holiday', and don't forget to mention your deals to convince potential guests.

Using Google Hotel Ads

Finally, also make use of Google Hotel Ads. This is a relatively new form of advertising in Google especially for hotels. Unlike through Google Ads, here a potential guest sees exactly which hotel rooms are available and at what price. Kind of like a booking platform, but via Google and with the difference that guests end up booking on your website.

higher occupancy rate higher occupancy rate

On to higher occupancy rates for your hotel

The above tips and advice will help you get a higher occupancy rate for your hotel. Think outside the box, come up with fun promotions to attract guests, communicate your message and make sure you are highly visible online. Then you will get those rooms filled! The Fully Bookers help you. Want to spar about the possibilities? Then take contact with us.





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