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Want to achieve more reservations, orders or bookings with your ads? Then you have a attractive landing page needed. This is different from your homepage or product page. You lead visitors to a specific page where you convince them to place that reservation, order or booking. We are happy to explain exactly what a landing page is and what absolutely must not be missing from your landing page for a successful campaign.

attractive landing page what is a landing page

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a page within your website that you mainly use for campaigns. For example, you refer to this page from your campaign on Google, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. On this page, you tell more about your product or service and try to entice visitors to take action. This page usually has a more commercial angle than the homepage or any other standard page on your website. 

Why do you need a landing page?

Landing pages are therefore useful for campaigns. Think, for instance, of a landing page you use for special arrangements, such as for Mother's Day or Christmas. You can also use a landing page for take-away. In general, every online campaign needs a landing page. 

What are the benefits of a landing page?

Now you may be thinking: on my homepage, there is also a 'Book Now' button. Isn't that enough? A landing page is more than a call to action and offers these benefits, among others:

  • More visitors staying on your website. If the message in your ad matches your landing page, fewer visitors will drop out. The homepage is often a general page with little specific information. On a landing page, your visitors are already looking in a targeted way. They tend to read your message because it is relevant.
  • You save advertising costs. Among other things, Google Ads determines whether your landing page is relevant enough for the ad. The more relevant your landing page is, the less you pay for a click.
  • You convince visitors faster. The page focuses on your visitors' demands and needs. You respond to your visitors' emotions with the right message. You can design this page entirely to convince your guests. With reviews, for example, this works very well.
attractive landing page what should it comply with

What should an attractive landing page meet?

If you have a attractive landing page want to make, there are some things that should definitely come back. This way, you will succeed in converting your visitors into guests.

Main message and button at the top

Always put your most important message at the top. This will ensure that as many visitors as possible read your message. Not everyone feels like or has time to read your whole article. The call to action button should also be placed at the top after the first paragraph. If your goal is to get guests to make a reservation, place a 'Book now' button as high as possible on your page. Make it as easy as possible for your visitors. 

Message matching ads

Your message doesn't have to be very original. As long as it matches your ad. With the ad, you attract visitors. The landing page aims to retain as many visitors as possible. You do this by creating trust and recognition. Put yourself in your visitors' shoes and arouse curiosity and interest with the right words. 

attractive landing page placement message

Convince with benefits and reviews

If you want to convince your visitors, it is important that they see the benefits of your product or service. Why should they come to your restaurant or hotel? This is also the place for reviews from other guests. With good guest experiences, you create trust. Even if you have some not so good reviews, it is good to show them. Especially the way you respond creates extra trust.

Keep it clear and straightforward

Provide as few elements as possible and enough white space on the page to keep it uncluttered. It is important to keep it as simple as possible. Define one goal and one action per landing page. Provide as few distractions as possible and make it easy to navigate. Using good headings and short paragraphs will also ensure clarity. 

attractive landing page mobile design

Make use of beautiful imagery

Beautiful images allow visitors to imagine what they will order or make a reservation for. Here, for example, show dishes that make you lick your fingers or a room with a view you dream about. Of course, the expectation must match reality. So don't sugarcoat it.

Make your landing page mobile-ready

Many visitors are likely to view your landing page on a tablet or smartphone. Therefore, make sure the landing page comes across well even on a smaller screen. Key elements such as the logo, title, message and call to action should be visible at a glance on any screen.

How do you ensure the most conversion?

Your goal with the landing page is to achieve as much conversion as possible. That means, for example, more reservations, orders or bookings. But how do you know if your landing page is optimal? A simple way to find out is to perform an A/B test. You then create two variants of your page and put them online at the same time. Each page receives half the flow of visitors. Once you have 1,000 visitors on both pages, see which page has the highest conversion rate. 

attractive landing page three tips

3 tips to make your landing page even more attractive

You now have a good foundation for a landing page. Want to get even more out of your landing page? Then we have 3 more tips for you!

  1. Grab immediate attention with a catchy title and image

The title is the first thing your visitors read. If it doesn't appeal, your visitors will be gone in no time. So make sure the title is catchy and makes the reader curious. Of course, the title should remain relevant, so don't go overboard 😉

  1. Make it easy to respond

If you want something from your visitors, make sure you point this out to them. A clear call to action will get you a long way. But it is also useful to include important contact information, such as a phone number or e-mail address. That way, your visitors don't have to search for this information. 

  1. Use relevant keywords

Although the purpose of the landing page is not to increase your SEO, it can contribute to it. The more relevant visitors come to your page, the better. So make sure you incorporate relevant keywords on this page. Do this in moderation, though, and also use synonyms. Of course, the page should remain pleasant to read.

attractive landing page intro

Getting started with your landing page for more conversion

Are you already in the starting blocks for a attractive landing page create? Or would you like some advice on how to start a campaign first? Read here how to create a successful social campaign makes. Would you like to spar with one of our online marketers? We are happy to think along with you!





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