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The days are getting shorter again and Christmas is just around the corner. It is a busy period for most hospitality entrepreneurs. But how can you make it attractive so that guests will book with you in particular? Let's take a look at some online marketing strategy ideas around Christmas.

Online marketing strategy ideas around Christmas

What are your goals for the holidays?

Of course, it is useful to start with what your goals actually are. The last weeks of the year are hugely important for hospitality entrepreneurs and some preparation is needed. Do you ultimately want more occupancy? Do you want to turn more sales than previous years? Do you want to use social media to inspire new guests? Once you have your marketing goals in place, you can get started!

Different online marketing strategy ideas around Christmas 

Let's start with your website. Make sure your calendar is up-to-date and that guests can book online for the holidays. Do you have different opening hours? If so, state them clearly on your website. In addition, people naturally want to know what makes Christmas special at your hospitality company. It is therefore important that you put together an attractive package that appeals to everyone. Also think about your target group. Do families often come to your place? Is there a high demand for vegetarian meals? Or is turkey very popular as a party meal?

Another way to reach people through your website is through in-browser push notifications. As soon as someone visits your website, you can display a notification telling them what your actions are during Christmas. Do you have an email list? Then it's time to run an email campaign and send a merry Christmas greeting during the holidays. You can alert your guests about your shop's special offer and possible opening hours. Of course, a special Christmas touch to your marketing plan should not be missing!

Online marketing strategy ideas around Christmas

Advertising on social media

You probably already have a large following on your social media channels, but of course it is nice to reach a larger audience. Christmas is therefore a great time to advertise on social media! No matter which platform you are active on, new users join every day. It is a great time to introduce yourself to the new audience.

In a few weeks and days, you can build up the excitement for Christmas. Consider, for example, an advent calendar with daily or weekly offers. And through your ads, your business will be on the radar of many new customers. You can tailor your ads specifically to your target audience, turning your costs into revenue. Think about your location, age and hobbies. Ads on social media have excellent targeting, and are easily measurable. Moreover, you can adjust things during ad campaigns if necessary.

Online marketing strategy ideas around Christmas

Cooperation with other companies

Do you have good contacts with other businesses in the area? Or can you offer something unique together with other entrepreneurs? Then you can put together a nice Christmas promotion or package for your guests. Perhaps your guests would like a nice meal, but at their home. Can you put together an easy takeaway menu for your guests with a nice wine arrangement with the local liquor store? Or maybe a collaboration with a spa is possible and you offer a delicious wellness day including dinner and overnight stay? That way, your guests will enjoy an unforgettable experience, and you'll strengthen ties with other entrepreneurs in your immediate area.

Another collaboration you can do is with gastronomic influencers. Influencers often have a positive influence and it is a relatively new way to reach potential guests and attract them to your catering establishment. For example, an influencer can create short stories at your establishment, giving a behind-the-scenes peek. Or give gourmet influencers a special discount code for the holidays that your target audience can use in your establishment.

Have you found any other great ideas for your Christmas marketing? Or do you need help for inspiration? We are happy to help and you can reach us at 31 (0)85 048 80 58 or!





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