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After an inspired year for the hospitality industry, expectations for the coming year are mixed. Many restaurants have managed to keep their heads above water with support from the government. But how long they can keep this up is the question. Let's look at the restaurant trends in 2022 and how to respond to this as a hospitality entrepreneur. So that you can enter the new year with good courage and perspective. 

Restaurant trends 2022 revenue

Alternative income required

Due to months of closure and ever-changing measures, restaurants are having a hard time. The number of bankruptcies does not seem to be too high at the moment, but in 2022 the aftermath will be visible. Now that government support has dried up, a wave of bankruptcies is threatening. Rent prices are not helping either. In January, the rent increase was almost 3%. Achieving more turnover than ever before is therefore even more important. But how are you going to achieve this?

New concepts

Fewer guests in your business automatically means less turnover. So you have to find another way to reach your guests. You can, of course, do this by delivering food to their homes. But this is difficult if you normally serve a four-course dinner. Or is it? With the right instructions, your guests can also prepare a delicious dinner at home. Many such alternatives have already been thought up by restaurants. The coming year is still uncertain. So it's wise to start thinking about other ways to reach more guests.

More turnover through merchandise

More and more restaurants are not only selling food and drink. Merchandise is becoming increasingly popular. Guests are only too happy to buy a mug with a great quote or a cotton bag with your logo on it. Reusable coffee cups are also popular for coffee-to-go. So you are doing something sustainable. All this merchandise not only generates extra turnover, but also free promotion! 

trends restaurant 2022 dinner boxes at home

How do you ensure that customer satisfaction increases?

Running the business requires a lot of flexibility from hospitality entrepreneurs due to the large staff shortage. Experienced hospitality staff is hard to find. Many former hospitality industry staff have meanwhile found a job in a stable industry. Because there are fewer staff, customer satisfaction drops. So keep an eye on whether your guests are still satisfied. You can easily find out how satisfied your guests are by using, for example, reviews on Google or by sending surveys via e-mail. But how do you make sure that customer satisfaction rises again? By staying in contact with your guests, offering good service, exclusive offers and, of course, by keeping your restaurant coronaproof.

Interact with your guests

Fortunately, it is possible to social media channels contact with guests. That way, you discover how guests experience their visit and, of course, share the great stories! Take complaints and feedback seriously. And always try to improve the guests' experience.

Good service

Because you have fewer staff, it may be difficult to provide a personal service. So take care of your staff as much as possible. For example, let guests order by themselves using a QR code. And offer the possibility of chatting on your website. You can also use a chatbot for frequently asked questions. This saves time and your guests still get a good service.

Exclusive offer

With good service, guests are more likely to return. But how do you make them truly loyal? Discover what your guests find important and give them a tailor-made offer. For example, an exclusive dinner offer. 

restaurant trends 2022 delivery

Digitalisation proceeds apace

As long as the measures are relaxed and the catering industry is open, people are eating out again. Other restaurants are playing it safe and choosing to serve breakfast and lunch. Unfortunately, staff shortages play a major role here too. As a result, the staff can serve fewer people. This stands in the way of growth in the catering industry. In order to solve the staff shortage, the hospitality industry is digitising at a rapid pace. From personalisation to delivery with drones.

Preferences of guests

More and more people are placing their orders online. An advantage of this is that you can find out exactly what the preferences of your guests are. By keeping track of this in a CRM system, it is easier to make personalised offers. Personalisation also makes your guests feel more special. 

Take-away and delivery even more efficient

As many guests are still cautious, take-away and delivery remain popular. But guests' expectations have increased. They prefer not to wait too long for their food. That means you have to find smart ways to offer the same quality.

70% faster delivery with drone

If anything is fast and efficient, it is a drone. With a drone it is possible to deliver 70% faster because you have no obstacles in traffic. And you need fewer staff. A win-win situation! It still seems like a futuristic idea, but who knows, maybe drones will be flying out of your restaurant next year.

restaurant trends 2022 green healthy dining

Healthy eating on the map

It is not only about how your guests eat, but also what they eat. To build up immunity, a healthy lifestyle is important. And healthy food is part of that. Local, fresh and organic dishes and drinks are increasingly appearing on menus. Chefs experiment with fermented and probiotic ingredients. Kimchi, kombucha and kefir are no longer strange recipes. Go all out for the health of your guests!

New opportunities for your restaurant!

Although these are uncertain times for many restaurants, we from The Fully Bookers Fortunately, there are also opportunities. There are alternative ways to generate income. And you can use technology to provide the best service to your guests. We understand that sometimes it is difficult to see the right opportunities. We would be happy to look at the possibilities for your restaurant together with you.





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