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Many people use WhatsApp for private purposes. But did you know that WhatsApp business also exists? We explain what is special about WhatsApp Business in this article. Perhaps your restaurant can also reap the benefits of this.

What is WhatsApp Business for restaurants?

First, let's take a look at what WhatsApp Business is. Like WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business is completely free to download. The app is specially built for small business owners that facilitates communication between guest and business. The app looks completely the same as you are used to, so at first glance, the app does not seem different. However, the biggest difference is that WhatsApp Business is meant for business use.

Just like a WhatsApp Messenger account, you may be able to make (video) calls to your guests and send text messages. However, your WhatsApp Business account will have a green tick by your business name so that your guests know they are with a reliable account chat. People chatting with you will also see that they have come in contact with a company profile and can read your company information.

Whatsapp Business for restaurants

How does WhatsApp Business work for restaurants?

Using WhatsApp Business, you can reach hundreds of customers and easily communicate with customers via one device. The WhatsApp Business app is ideal for small business owners. Should you have a medium to large company, it is WhatsApp Business platform might be the right choice for you. 

If you already have a WhatsApp Messenger account, you can very easily transfer it to a WhatsApp Business account. You can use WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger simultaneously, provided the accounts are linked to different phone numbers. So if you have a business phone, it may be better to link this phone number to your WhatsApp Business account. That way, you keep private and business well separated.

What additional features does WhatsApp Business have?

WhatsApp Business has a number of advantages that the normal app does not offer. For instance, you can create a specific business profile that naturally looks much more professional than a private account. On your profile, you can include additional information such as your restaurant's address, opening hours, your email address and your website. If you want to save messages, you can easily organise them by adding labels. This way, you can always quickly find your messages. 

You can even add a catalogue with your services, including photos and prices. Guests can select your service, as well as share it with friends. There are also a number of messaging tools available such as automatic messaging. Quick replies are the messages you send the most to your guests. These can also be media messages with images and videos. This way, your guests will quickly find out if you serve vegetarian dishes, what your opening hours are and how they can make reservations. The same goes for greetings and absence messages that you can send automatically.

whatsapp business for restaurants

What are the benefits of WhatsApp Business for restaurants?

As you can see, there are many extra features with a WhatsApp Business account that you don't have with a WhatsApp Messenger account. All these extras therefore offer many advantages. Firstly, your business looks much more professional, but you can also get other benefits from the app.

This allows you to link WhatsApp Business to your Instagram account and Facebook page so your guests can contact you more easily. You can also share a short link with your guests where you can start a secure chat. In short, the benefits of WhatsApp Business for your small business are endless! Here's a small sample: 

✅ Easily communicate with your guests;

✅ Making a professional impression on your customers including your logo;

✅ A landline phone number linked to your business and not private;

✅ Any employee can link their business number to a WhatsApp business account;

✅ Multiple colleagues can manage WhatsApp Business;

✅ WhatsApp Web so you can reply to messages via desktop, laptop or tablet;

✅ You can share your opening hours, contact details, and website;

✅ Creating a catalogue allows you to display your services;

✅ You can send automatic replies and save multiple reply templates;

✅ You can add a WhatsApp chat widget on your website;

✅ There is no cost for the corporate account of WhatsApp Business;

✅ Message statistics so you can track how quickly your guests get a reply;

✅ There is a paid upgrade WhatsApp Premium if you want to maintain management with more than 4 people.

Whatsapp Business for restaurants

Are you also interested in using WhatsApp Business, but still have questions? Then we would be happy to help you set it up! You can reach us by email at You can also call, of course. Our number is 31 (0)85 048 80 58. Let's see together how WhatsApp Business can help your restaurant.





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