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Do you also enjoy looking around on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok? And do you find it even more fascinating how to get more likes, meet new people and create fun reels? Then the social media specialist job might be for you! Or maybe you are already working as a social media specialist. Read on because we are looking for someone to join our team.

Social media specialist

What does the position of social media specialist entail?

Are you always the first to know about the latest social trends? Do you know the platforms like the back of your hand and do you know everything about the features of the apps? Then it would be great to work as a social media specialist. However, there is a bit more to it than scrolling, liking and following. The goal is to reach the right target groups and increase brand awareness. This goes through devising strategies, creating content and working out campaigns.

After all, with the right plan in place, you can reach new customers, strengthen relationships and drive sales. In this role, you will work closely with a marketing team and together you will ensure the growth of social media accounts and the companies linked to them. It is a varied role as you will also market research, devising campaigns, brainstorming on content, consulting and advertising are responsibilities.

What does a day look like as a social media specialist?

What does a day look like as a social media specialist?

Of course, the day-to-day content of the job varies by company and sector. At one company, you might be more involved in research and customer interaction, while at another you will be busy posting content and launching campaigns.

On most days, however, you start your day by checking the current state of affairs. For instance, it is important to keep track of statistics and check what is working and what is not. Do plans need to be adjusted, are new strategies needed or are targets being met. 

In addition, the world of social media changes with great regularity, so it is important to know what the latest trends are. Sign up for email updates of the most popular apps or visit websites such as SocialMediaToday To always be aware of what is going on behind the scenes.

Working at The Fully Bookers

Of course, as icing on the cake, it is absolutely fantastic if you can work for a fun and dynamic company. The Fully Bookers are number 1 in online marketing for restaurants and hotels, so if you have an affinity with the hospitality industry, a position as a social media specialist with us is obviously great! We have offices in The Hague and Amsterdam, but working from home is also an option.

At Fully Bookers, the aim is to leave no table or space unmanned. Full rooms, occupied tables and beds for our clients. We are a fast-growing company and our goal is to help entrepreneurs at home and abroad increase their visibility, reach and profits. We now have over 10 years of experience in online marketing for the hospitality sector. We also have ambitions: we want to be market leader in the Benelux within 3 years! Would you like to contribute to this success and continue to develop yourself? Then we would very much like to get in touch with you!

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Social media specialist

What are you all going to do?

When you start working for us, you certainly won't be sitting still and daily tasks include such things as:

✅ Coming up with awesome content ideas;

✅ Creating social media strategies;

✅ Analysing content;

✅ Coming up with organic content;

✅ Building and maintaining a loyal fan base;

✅ Brainstorm on targeted campaigns with advertising specialists.

The offer of The Fully Bookers

Of course, you also get a lot in return for your hard work! Depending on the position, you will receive a monthly salary and a pleasant and inspiring working environment. Will you join us at the office? Then you will work comfortably at your sit-stand desk, with a MacBook Pro including two monitors and noise-cancelling headphones.

Free time is also important, of course, and with a full-time position, you will receive 24 fixed and 4 optional holidays. And with 8% holiday pay, you can fill your days off with fun activities and lovely moments of rest. The office is fun too. For example, there is a Friday afternoon drinks reception with dinner every month and a company outing is organised every quarter! 

Are you as enthusiastic as we are? Then contact us today to get started as a social media specialist. You can send your CV and cover letter to and we will get back to you as soon as possible!





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