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Who are you and what company do you work for?

I'm Sabrina, previously marketing PR manager of NH Collection Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam. I am responsible for the paid, owned and earned media strategy of both the hotel and our three F&B outlets: restaurant The White Room', with one Michelin star, cocktail bar 'The Tailorand 'Grand Café Krasnapolsky'. So I do the complete marketing and communication strategy for that. For the paid part, I work together with you.

Sabrina Vader

What problem(s) were you trying to solve with our services?

What I find the strength of my work is that you have a combination of paid, owned and earned media.

Owned is more the website and all collaterals here and all materials visible to guests in the hotel. Earned media is then the PR side. That paid piece, I just missed a piece of knowledge.

Paid is not just buying banners on a website or a paid advertisement in a magazine. I have mastered all that. It is quite technical when it comes to social media and targeted advertising. That you there Targeted advertisingIn other words, to arouse interest, inform and convert.

That bit, you really need special knowledge to do that well. I think if you only post organically, you won't get the results you need or want. That may have been possible in the past, when social media was just emerging, but now that is indispensableso that is what I called you in for.



In which three areas do our services differ from other options?

      1. Then I think you proactivity. It is actually always the case that I receive a message, a call or an e-mail before I have to do it myself. So you are very proactive in your outreach That gives me a lot of confidence. Then I know that I am not one of the many customers, but that I am just top of mind sit.
      2. Furthermore, you are always very easily accessible and very transparentThat is important to me. If I don't understand or don't know certain figures, I ask. Or if I need certain figures, you always provide them. I really like the fact that there is such a dashboard. It allows me to see exactly what is happening, instead of just hearing about it.
      3. Finally, I find the sharing of best practices. So that I can also ask for your expertise on other issues, such as: "Hey, shall I do that now? itemsor should I wait?" So it actually feels a bit like an extension of my own team, since I'm only here on marketing and PR.

What do you value most in working with The Fully Bookers?

But if I have to mention one thing, it is that you are very nice, very nice to work with and very accessible. It's like I'm working with my own team, so I think that's really one of the plusses. So that's actually more in the way we interact and the work atmosphere and workflow.

I also think of your expertise; the feeling that you really have knowledge of things. In addition, you have, for example, a programme in which you can meeting notes A kind of CRM system. Then I really think: OK, they do know what they are doing, it looks very professional out. So even though it is so cosy, I have the feeling that you are working professionally.

Grandhotel Krasnapolsky

What would you say to someone considering working with us? 

Well, in fact, I think I have already sent or recommended quite a few people your way.

Actually, I tell them exactly the same thing I just said. I think in this digital age, you need your social media and your website to work together and be connected.

I think it is also really sales boost. I am really convinced that if I outsource a campaign to you, that I will at least twice as many sales Maybe three or four times as much!

"I am really convinced that if I outsource a campaign to you, I will sell at least twice as much as I bought.
Perhaps three or four times as much!


Which question should I have asked but did not?

What I said earlier applies for every catering companywhether you are big or small. What I would still be curious about when I read this interview is: "Do you spend a lot of money on that (the marketing campaigns)?".

This is a misunderstanding, because I think that you can match the budget very well to the goals that you have. I have already mentioned several times that you are flexible and that you look at the position the company is in.

"I don't think the budget should be a fear factor to get in touch with you guys," he said.




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