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Who are you and what company do you work for?

I am Charles Veerkamp, 31 years old, owner of Restaurant Charlie and since 2018 also owner of the adjacent holiday park. Restaurant Charlie is a restaurant in its own right and really focused on the region. Our guests come from the radius of Eindhoven to Arnhem.

Families are really more than welcome at our place and we try to put our focus on that. We always say, "Eat, relax and play." Despite being an à la carte restaurant, we want to serve quality food. So not a schnitzel with fries, but a nice salmon and a tournedos from the grill. We also pay attention to the experience for the children. That combination appeals to many people.

interview restaurant charlie charles

What problem(s) were you trying to solve with our services?

We mainly wanted a weekday higher occupancy. Of course, a lot of the hospitality industry knows this problem. We were already working with two parties, but they were not explicitly focused on the hospitality industry. I had actually been looking for a party that specialised in this for some time. I came across you by chance and then I immediately got in touch to see if you could fulfil that wish.

I actually noticed immediately that there is a whole different perspective. In fact, I am a great believer in the fact that it is not like the old days; that you open a restaurant on the corner and people automatically come to eat. You have to put yourself in the shop window and you have to be visible. You can only do that by writing good content and by positioning yourself well. And with those glasses, you are also looking. So I thought that was very important.

For me, the issue was: how can I also get that marketing spend much more measurable now? So it's the optimisation of your weekly utilisation by deploying your marketing at the right time, while positioning yourself very well. But with people who have affinity and experience in the hospitality industry. That is something that you as a party obviously do very well.

"The specific focus on the profession and on the sector is, I think, a very important differentiator"


In which three areas do our services differ from other options?

  1. What I just mentioned earlier: your affinity focuses specifically on the hospitality industry. I think the specific focus on the profession, on the sector, is a very important differentiator.
  2. What I also find strong is very be critical on the customers you serve. If you have certain growth ambitions or things like that, it really gives a lot of comfort.
  3. The analyse, so it optimise and the keep analysing of your campaigns and pulling, so really data driven, I think is something you guys do very strongly.

Our collaboration is still relatively short, only this is what I have experienced so far. I also find the communication and commitment very good. You think actively How to optimise. In fact, I think those are the three, four most important points that I say The Fully Bookers differentiates itself with.

Besides, you also have everything in-house. I like that because I previously worked with two different parties. One did the online marketing related to social media and the other did the Google advertising. You actually had double costs and now it is also centralised, so I think that is very good.

interview restaurant charlie interior

What do you value most in working with The Fully Bookers?

The transparent and open communication, because I just really like that. You really put yourself out there as a partner. I really think that's the most important thing.

Look, of course you guys are commercial, because you have to make money too. Maybe your strength is that you don't put that emphasis on it. I have the idea that you really work with passion for your clients. It is precisely this sincere, open communication and really connecting as a partner that I find important.

For example, I also have another meeting with Mitchell next week about a new concept I would like to discuss with him. An extra step is taken and you are not told to pay €1100 when he comes to Schaijk. You join right away actively as a partner. I think that is your USP.

"The transparent, open communication, I just really like that. You really put yourself out there as a partner."


What would you say to someone considering working with us? 

That you are a professional party. In fact, I did it to someone just last week. I said, "You should give The Fully Bookers a call, because that is indeed a party that can help you further with your daily occupation and to increase your visibility. It's an official party, which has a lot of experience" that's what I say.



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