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The fully bookers case shrimp tempura group header

Luxury hospitality at Shrimp Tempura

The Shrimp Tempura Group includes various restaurants, nightclubs, event venues and shops. The Group is active in Antwerp and stands for exclusivity, quality and inspiring concepts. Some businesses are new and others have been around for a few years. You can therefore certainly speak of a successful hospitality empire.

  • Vacancy campaigns for the various issues
  • Attention campaigns for the opening of Marineau
  • Advice on a Job Day and recruiting new staff
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Hotel ten cate header case the fully bookers

The most colourful hotel in Emmen: Hotel ten Cate

Step over the threshold and take in the different colours of this hotel: instant happiness guaranteed. Here you can sleep well, eat well and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. What's extra special is that people who don't stay in the hotel also come to the accompanying restaurant. A culinary attraction! We have been working with Hotel ten Cate for around 4 years now. Read more about this pleasant cooperation below.

  • Website developed
  • Ads campaigns run
  • SEO pages written
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Poule et poulette case header

Poule & Poulette makes you feel good

Do you already know this restaurant chain in Belgium? The French name for Kip & Hen has already laid its egg in 8 different places in our neighbourhood, namely in: Antwerp + Antwerpen Eilandje, Leuven, Mechelen, Ostend, Brussels Expo and in Ghent. Poule & Poulette (P&P) is trending, and how!

  • Conducted various social media campaigns (e.g. for vacancies)
  • Provided advice on various topics (such as Formitable)
  • New website developed
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cafe annabel den haag case

Café Annabel: The Hague hotspot for cocktails and conviviality

You come here for the rock-solid cocktails, the conviviality and the French cuisine. All with an edgy twist. Want to know more about the concept, owner Erikson and the social media campaigns? Read on.

  • Social media and ad campaigns set up
  • Improve existing website (in terms of image and text)
  • Increase brand awareness
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The fully bookers The nacho bar header case

Cravings? At The Nacho Bar you can indulge your cravings

You're the cheese to my nachos ♥ At The Nacho Bar, you'll enjoy the best nachos and the tastiest cocktails. Imagine yourself in Mexico, including graffiti on the walls and playful Día de Muertos elements. Are you in Tilburg? Then definitely come along. Read more about the start of this collaboration below.

  • Social media and Google ads campaigns
  • Website developed
  • Putting your name on the map
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PizzaBeppe Case The Fully Bookers

Popular as ever, Pizza Beppe rolls out its dough further and further

Pizza Beppe is becoming increasingly popular. And rightly so! They serve real Neapolitan pizzas at several locations. We help them with brand awareness and social media or ads campaigns.

  • Social media and ad campaigns
  • Improve existing website
  • Increase brand awareness
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blueblood header photo

Blood opens its chic doors in The Hague

When we say lobster, Nikkei cuisine and dry-aged meat, what do you say? Exactly! BlueBlood. Want to know more about how we did the online marketing for this restaurant? Then read on quickly. We tell you what we did in terms of photography, social media and more.

  • Bold social media strategy created
  • Tightly designed website
  • Videos and photos taken
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Krasnapolsky successful Easter campaigns

Campaigns Grand Café Krasnapolsky: 200% result with Easter Experience

With two successful campaigns, Grand Café Krasnapolsky had a good Easter weekend that exceeded all expectations.

  • 639 Easter items sold
  • Target 200% achieved
  • 120,000 people reached
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December Christmas menu photo The Kop van Oost

Christmas box campaign | De Kop van Oost

A social media campaign for Christmas box sales combined with an attention-grabbing video!

  • 210+ Christmas boxes ordered
  • 7000 people reached
  • Campaign with video
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restaurant gold

Restaurant Gold: More than 150 extra covers

Within 4 weeks, we put Restaurant Gold back on the map!

  • +170,000 unique people reached
  • +2000 website visitors
  • +150 additional covers
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Pasta é Basta: 600+ extra covers in 2 months' time

Pasta é Basta is 25 years old, and they are celebrating with 25 top chefs and the best Dutch artists! The task of The Fully Bookers? A sold-out series of events!

  • 600+ reservations
  • 124,000 people reached
  • 1.400% efficiency
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Video shoot: Bar The Tailor

How we shot striking videos for Bar The Tailor (Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky) that we can use successfully in campaigns.

  • Renewed content shoot
  • Visually stronger
  • Evergreen content
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Grand Café De Vrienden: 91 reservations in the first month

How Grand Café De Vrienden achieved 91 reservations in their first month with The Fully Bookers.

  • 91 reservations
  • 1100% efficiency
  • 28,000 local people reached
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Restaurant Today: new concept

How we repositioned the new concept for Restaurant Today

  • 350+ new photos
  • Concept repositioned
  • New identity
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Barbarossa success stories

Barbarossa: SEO success

How beach club Barbarossa scores top 10 positions on 179 relevant keywords with thousands of website visits per month more in the summer period. 117 important keywords in the top 3! 179 relevant keywords with top 10 ranking! High domain authority

  • 117 important keywords in top 3
  • 178 relevant keywords in top 10
  • Thousands more website visits per month in the summer period
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The East End

De Kop van Oost: new website

How De Kop van Oost realised a better converting, mobile friendly website.

  • Renewed website
  • Better converting
  • Better findability
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Nice boules success story

Nice Boules: opening Delft!

Not just a fully booked opening party and weekend: the whole month fully booked.

  • 160+ track reservations
  • 1500 people on the landing page
  • Fully booked opening weekend
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Lommerrijk: Increase in event requests

Over 800 event requests, through deployment of Facebook ads and Google Ads.

  • 14 applications for company parties
  • 324 wedding applications
  • 37 requests for company outings
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Hotel ten cate

Hotel Restaurant Ten Cate

An improved online presence and less dependence on large booking platforms.

  • 50% higher occupancy
  • 38% increase in organic visibility
  • 58 additional room bookings within 3 months
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beachclub titus success stories

Beachclub Titus

A constant flow of requests throughout the year and a fully booked wedding season.

  • 130+ direct applications
  • 200% more applications in 5 months
  • Fully booked wedding season
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Event location DOCK 3

More than 25 business enquiries per month through an integrated SEO approach.

  • 25+ business applications per month
  • 12% more organic visitors
  • 2.5% conversion rate increased
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Local seo

Restaurant Hendriks

A mobile-friendly website, inviting and representative of the concept.

  • Renewed website
  • Responsive design
  • Improved findability
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VNO-NCW_GALA-0204 (002)

Hof Catering

Entirely new responsive website with a powerful message and vision.

  • Renewed website
  • Responsive design
  • Improved Findability
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