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Putting BlueBlood on the map

There's a new kid in town, called: BlueBlood. At this restaurant, expect insane dishes with sensational flavours, an upscale atmosphere and a special meeting place. Indeed, delicious lobster, fresh sushi, Tomahawk steak and rich cocktails rule here. Of course, all dishes are prepared in a traditional way as well as with local and seasonal ingredients. And how has this Nikkei cuisine concept, the combination of Japanese and Latin American cuisine, been translated into the online marketing strategy? Aha, leave this to The Fully Bookers.

Blueblood the hague sushi
BlueBlood the hague lobster

Creative session > powerful imagery

From a commercial creative session, we jointly arrived at a marketing strategy. And it stands like a house. Thanks to this online approach, the exclusivity and adventurous nature of the restaurant is captured. Right! Based on this, we went wild with photos and videos. The result? An in-house image bank of sharp and challenging photos for the website and on social media. And more: a tantalising teaser, inspiration video and a short video of the opening.

A dike of a website

Did you visit the website of BlueBlood already looked at? Together, the design, colours, photos and videos make it look luxurious with an edgy twist. Their signature dish, the lobster, immediately stands out on the homepage. You might also notice the subtle lobster leg in the logo. Otherwise, the navigation has been kept as simple as possible. In doing so, the mood images, the rest of the visuals and the texts do not distract from the main part: the reservation system.

Catchy social media and ad campaigns

For BlueBlood, we ran several campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. The vacancy campaigns generate new staff. Through the brand awareness and inspiration campaigns, we rake in potential customers and new followers. Through persuasion campaigns, we boost reservations. Curious about the results so far? Yes! Here are some figures:

  • Vacancy campaigns: 56,042 people reached
  • Ads campaigns: 75,913 people reached
  • Post engagement: 144,485 (shares, comments, etc.)
blueblood the hague ads

Social media as a calling card for BlueBlood

Good to know: before opening, the restaurant already had 1,000 followers on Instagram. A clear strategy had been developed for this account and this is reflected in the consistent posts. Indeed, they are English-language, the same structure in terms of font and some are reworked with BlueBlood's logo. Because the photos have a black background, the attractive colours of the food stand out. The orange of the lobster and the red of the meat really stand out. No wonder those followers knew how to find BlueBlood....


For BlueBlood, we successfully translated the entire concept, devised in collaboration with Studio Rehab, into various online expressions. Do you also want your new restaurant to be rock solid? Then you know what to expect. Team up with The Fully Bookers!

Their success story. Our pride

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