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#Kiponsmiling at P&P

Although each P&P location is different, all restaurants are equally accessible and cosy. All establishments have sit-down boxes and some even have a terrace. A sit-down box is a table built above the ground. Here, you dine just a little higher and experience sitting like 'chickens on a stick'. Materials such as scaffold wood and scaffold tubes are used for the interior and give the restaurants an industrial look. Thereby, the abundance of light gives things a fresh look and feel. Oh, and the no-nonsense menu features, of course, chicken. Tot, tok! Go for a half variety, a flayed chicken, fried chicken, chicken breast or a stew. Fancy something different or vegetarian? Go for a vegetarian patty, appetiser balls or the caesar salad. A dinner with your friends, a business lunch or a cosy evening with fellow students; at P&P it's all possible. You can even have breakfast at Antwerp Eilandje (because: chicken = eggs). No wonder P&P is becoming increasingly popular...

Poule et poulette success story intro

Kiptastic concept with good marketing

Poultry lover? Then you should definitely head to 1 of the P&P locations. A growing business, P&P offers a variety of chicken dishes following the slow-food philosophy. Food which makes you feel good. There is a focus on fresh ingredients, artisanal preparation and honest food. With this, P&P offers an alternative to existing fast food options. The 3 founders of P&P have different backgrounds and talents, but share a passion for good food. They started in 2012 and expanded considerably in less than 10 years.

P&P is 100% kiptastic! And here's what The Fully Bookers has meant to them so far:

  • Social media campaigns - here we look at the size and content of a city. For example, we take into account the fact that Antwerp is a student city, while Brussels is home to many business people and expats
  • Vacancy campaigns - to give each new location a flying start, we ensure that the opening is publicised via social media and that there are enough staff to get going
  • New website development - on the new website, the structure is clear. This makes all locations easy and quick to find
  • Advisory role - we advise P&P on photo shoots, the Formitable online booking system and more

Fun fact: Leuven has a 'Kakelroom'. This is a separate room for groups of friends, students or colleagues with a large table in the middle. This table is shaped like a fried egg, including a big yellow yolk. What a cool egg catcher!

Poule et poulette success story case

The Fully Bookers helps P&P

P&P's entire concept rings true. Not only does it use quality ingredients, its recognisable décor and excellent service help take the restaurants to the next level. This is where you go for an evening of good chicken grub in Belgium! We support P&P in its rapid growth. After all, together you see more. We take care of the social media campaigns so the founders don't have to worry about this. We will also continue to focus on this in the future. Because who knows where a new branch will be opened...

Their success story. Our pride

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