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Who are you and what company do you work for?

I'm Michelle and I work as a marketing activation coordinator within the hospitality branch of Albron. For example, we have our own Chips concept, Frites Affairs, our own circular restaurant, The Green House, but we also work with various brands, such as Anne&Max and Starbucks.

From my role as activation coordinator, I am responsible for branding, in-store communications, campaigns and online channels. Such as social media, website and e-mail marketing, aiming for all our concepts to have a great fan base create.

What problem(s) were you trying to solve with our services?

Recently, we have grown and set up more and more of our own concepts and channels. So we were looking for a partner who could help us with the whole online issue and is familiar with the hospitality industry. That's how we came to you with the question of how to fill in the online strategy: management, content creation, but also setting up online campaigns.

In which three areas do our services differ from other options?

  1. You obviously have a lot of different marketing agencies, but I think what makes you stand out is your focusing on the hospitality industry. I think that's really a differentiator.
  2. In addition that you all focus on online. So, for example, not developing a in-store activation, but how to ultimately translate an activation to the online channels.
  3. Lastly, I think you have a young company are still very much evolving and flexible.

"You obviously have many different agencies in this world, but I think you stand out by focusing on the hospitality industry."


What do you value most in working with The Fully Bookers?

That you always think along very much from the concepts: "What more can we ultimately do for you as a partner? How can we support you as a partner in this by doing it even better?"

You are watching more solutions and how we who can deploy strategically even better. Also in collaboration with the other partners we work with, e.g. the reservation-tool or the ordertool. 'How can we then connect and ultimately make online marketing even better at that?'

"You are looking at more solutions and how we can deploy them even better strategically."


What would you say to someone considering working with us? 

If you are really looking for an extension of your department. A partner that thinks with you as a company and obviously in this industry, then I think you guys are a really good partner to work with. I really think that collaboration, you guys take as a starting point with every campaign, "how can we make this even better in the end?"



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