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If someone is looking for a restaurant or hotel, chances are they will consult Tripadvisor. After all, this is the world's largest traveller site where guests leave their experiences. These reviews are hugely valuable for your business. And it is free promotion. It is also very easy to make a reservation through this platform. You use the reservation button, link visitors directly to your website or online travel agency. We'd love to show you how advertising on Tripadvisor works, so you'll be even more visible.

advertise on tripadvisor

Why is Tripadvisor indispensable for the hospitality industry?

Some 2.5 million consumers are on Tripadvisor every day. They use this platform mainly to find the best hotels and restaurants. You attract guests' attention with positive reviews and advertisements. Don't have a profile on Tripadvisor yet? Then quickly create one for free. Read below how to do so and what you can do to get noticed.

How are you visible on Tripadvisor?

On Tripadvisor, it is possible to create a free profile as a restaurant or hotel owner. Even without a profile, you are already visible, as visitors can always upload photos and experiences. Still, it is nicer to manage your own business. So complete your profile with your name, contact details, photos, opening hours, prices and, of course, a link to book or reserve directly.

create a tripadvisor profile

How to create a free profile

Being on Tripadvisor is completely free. You can create a profile via Here you fill in all the details and for verification, your credit card details will be asked. Rest assured, there are no costs involved. After verification, you can easily manage your profile via computer or with the app for iOS or Android.

How do you become more popular without advertising on Tripadvisor?

Now that you have a profile, you are even more visible. Where you are shown depends on your ranking. This could be at the top or at the bottom. How do you make sure you are in a favourable position? Tripadvisor's algorithm uses a number of variables in the ratings:

  • Topicality: it is important to have recent reviews, so not just from a year ago.
  • Quality: positive reviews logically improve rankings.
  • Number of reviews: the more positive reviews, the higher your ranking. And the more good reviews, the more guests you are most likely to receive.

Tripadvisor how to become popular

Respond to reviews for a good impression

If you receive a review, it is important to respond. This doesn't directly affect the algorithm, but you leave a good impression this way. And that in turn ensures more visitors, more reviews and thus a higher ranking.

Dont's on Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor has good policies and clear procedures. This way, the platform ensures reliable and genuine reviews. There are a few things that are prohibited, so don't do this especially if you want to remain highly visible.

  • As an owner, write a review about your own restaurant or ask friends or family to write a review without having been there.
  • Give discounts, gifts or special treatments in exchange for a positive review.
  • Adopt third parties to generate ratings automatically.

tripadvisor do and dont

How do you attract more guests with Tripadvisor?

Tripadvisor has a number of tools available to make it as easy as possible for your guests to place a reservation. These include stickers on your restaurant window, business cards with Tripadvisor information and special certificates of excellence. You can request all these tools for free if you have a profile. Besides these free ways, it is also possible to choose paid options, such as a premium account or advertising on Tripadvisor.

The advantages of a premium account

Tripadvisor's basic features will get you a long way. Want to put your restaurant or hotel on the map even better? Then the premium features are definitely worthwhile. What exactly are the options within a premium account?

  • Choose the best photos and reviews. A nice image or video of your business will attract even more guests. You decide which photos your guests see first. The 10 best photos are highlighted on your profile. Guests will see them in search results and when they come to your profile.
  • Show 3 reasons why guests should visit your business. At the top of your reviews, guests will see what makes your restaurant or hotel so unique. Highlight your specialities here and convince your guests to make a reservation right away.
  • Spotlight your favourite review. Is there a great experience you like to share with guests? I'm sure there is! Then put it in the spotlight. This favourite review is visible on the second review spot of your page.
  • Get insight into your performance against competitors. You obviously want to know how often your page is viewed and what your competitors are doing. This data makes it even easier to make decisions to improve your performance.
tripadvisor tripadvisor premium

This is how advertising on Tripadvisor works

Not at the top of the search results on Tripadvisor (yet)? Then it's smart to advertise. This will ensure that you always attract the attention of guests. The advantages of advertising on Tripadvisor at a glance:

  • You get a prominent spot including the first spot in the search results.
  • Your restaurant or hotel is shown to guests viewing competing hospitality businesses.
  • You decide the target group that sees your ad. This also allows you to discover new target groups or markets.
  • You will only be displayed if your restaurant matches your guests' search criteria.
  • You set your own budget and pay only for the clicks you receive.

How do you post an ad on Tripadvisor?

Placing an ad is very simple. Start by creating your ad on Tripadvisor If you already have a profile. Otherwise, make first create a profile here. Next kies the restaurant or hotel you want to advertise with and your campaign goal. Do you want to attract more guests year-round or temporarily? With the first option, you choose to display your ad continuously and with the second option, you choose a specific period. The latter is useful, for example, if you only want to advertise during the holiday period. Next, set your budget and complete payment. Your ad will be visible immediately!

Ready to host more guests?

Have you already set up your profile on Tripadvisor to your liking? Thanks to great reviews and strong ads, guests can no longer ignore your establishment. With your restaurant always in the spotlight, you are guaranteed to receive more guests. Want more tips on how to get noticed by your guests? We are happy to think along with you!





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